techs needed
Hello everybody. We are looking for an EXPERIENCED 3rd-4th year or Journey Person Technician to work in our shop. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE!!!! We work on everything from a lawn mower to a semi truck and everything in between. Must be capable of using and diagnosing with a variety of OEM and aftermarket scan tools. Must be able to perform A/C repairs with R134A & R1234YF. Must be capable of preforming wheel alignments and SGI Safety inspections. (We can send you to sgi school if you're qualified) We also perform lots of fabricating & welding using a Mig or a Tig welder. Bonus points if you have machinist and engine building experience as we are an engine machine shop also. We are open Monday to Friday, 8-12 & 1-5. Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Welcome to Thane’s Big-T Auto Repair
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Winter is here! Book now for your checkup / service!

I'm sure you've noticed the cooler temperature's outside over the last few days. We know, it sucks, but winter is coming... Book your appointment today for a shiny new set of winter tires and have them installed before the snow flies! We can even store your summer tires until mother nature warms back up.

Oil changes, maintenace services, tires, brakes, etc. 
 We perform SGI Light Vehicle, Medium Truck & Motorcycle safeties!!
Our Mission Statement
To reduce stress, costly breakdowns & save our client Time & Money we will:
         -Book your next appointment tailored to your time schedule
         -Perform Inspections for safety and maintenance every time on every vehicle
         -No surprises! Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without client authorization
         -No surprises! Never present an invoice that was larger than the most current estimate
         -Advise clients of all manufacturers recommended services
         -Provide new warranty inspections and on line search for all manufacture recalls
         -Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problems
         -Source and provide parts considering quality, price and availability
         -Provide and maintain responsible environmental practices
         -Provide a personalized and competitive warranty (1yr 20,000Km's)
Through these principles we continue to be a quality professional service provider to all our clients and their referred friends and family.

This is our Saskatoon Location

We are a locally owned and operated business. Thane's Big T Auto Repair has been in business since 1992. We moved to our current location in 2001. Our facility can accommodate all sizes of vehicles. We can lift any size vehicle off the ground, from mini bikes to the largest motor home!




1) As a rule of thumb maintenance costs average $200.00 per month over the life of a gas powered vehicle that averages 20,000 kms per year. A deisel powered vehicle costs an average of $400.00 per month. It doesn't matter what shop you use. It costs less to maintain a car on a regular basis rather than replace it!!!

 2) YES!!! We do oil changes!! HOWEVER- we perform"Maintenance Services". We are here to help you prolong the life of your vehicle by maintaining it to factory specifications & recommended services. We want your vehicle to achieve 300,000+ km. This applies to brand new or used vehicles. 

3) We are qualified to Maintain & Service your vehicle, whether it is GENTLY USED or NEW off the show room floor. This includes: fluids, tires, brakes, suspension, steering & any other non-warranty maintenance items.

4) Our Technicians receive up to date training on all makes & models of vehicles. The training is supplied by the same people that perform this service for new car dealerships. We use the same scan tools as the dealers in performing diagnostic & troubleshooting repairs.

5) If we are your primary service & maintenance provider, we will gladly book in your vehicle for warranty repairs at the dealership. We will also deliver & pick up the vehicle to & from the dealership if it is in our shop for a scheduled service or maintenace.

6) We have the ability & tooling to track all your services & maintenaces, much the same as your Doctor. 


7) We are a Fleet Account service & maintenace provider.

8) We are a Commercial Account service & Maintenace provider.

9) We perform SGI "Out of Province(first time registered)" & "Total Loss" safeties. Light vehicles, Medium trucks & Motorcycles. 

10) We perform Buyers checks on vehicles you are looking to purchase.

11) We service all Makes & Models of vehicles & equipment -  cars, SUV`s, trucks(light, medium & heavy duty), construction equipment, etc. - Gas OR Diesel. 

12) We perform all types of engine repairs, modifications, rebuilding, etc. to your stock or racing engine 


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